The Secrets of TTI Success Insights® Team Reports

How we helped a company implement a new performance strategy that was not usual in its culture.

The Secrets of TTI Success Insights® Team Reports (pdf)


Case Study

What's the problem?

The client needed to improve the management skills of the store managers and department managers of its network of boutiques

· To implement its customised method of management designed to serve a better sales efficiency
· To improve the Store Managers’ and Department Managers’ leadership skill
· Enable them to design operational teams with more complementary skillsets
· Enable them to rally the staff around the new KPIs policy led by the company
· Enable them to communicate the management vision of the company 

What we did...

We proposed a customised training programme solution that leveraged the knowledge of the existing teams


· We provided TTI Success Insights® assessments and debriefings to map behavioural profiles of the managers and their teams’ members

· We provided TTI Success Insights® workshops with the Store Managers and Department Managers to train them to better manage their teams by leveraging their own and their team’s behaviours and motivators

· We provided workshops on management technics (feedback management, assertiveness, coaching etc.)

· We provided workshops to design the coming 6-month management roadmap

How did it do?

The solution provided increased management efficiency and the deployment of the new customised selling ceremony designed by the client to serve 


· The management know-how based on perception turned into technical management with a dedicated toolbox

· The Managers turned into leadership managers focused on communication and situational intelligence

· The customer experience increased through the deployment of the selling ceremony

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Talent Insight® Team Report (pdf)