Workshops and Team Buildings


Curious, sharing, and open-minded: The winning combination

Selling is also a question of culture. It’s about being curious and open to the world. Digital has reversed the knowledge direction: Today, clients are over-informed. They sometimes know more about the brand, products, innovations, than the retail teams. So how do you make sure that your teams are up to speed?

Play, test and plug

Live an immersive experience in testing new practices, catch your teams’ imagination and help them design a unique customer experience. Our sessions are as enjoyable as they are useful, for good reason – play and joy lead to game changing ideas!

"Out of the box" workshops

The perfect time to foster ideation, generate and model solutions, and design operational action plans

Design your workshops and team buildings programs with us!

Duration: 2 hrs to 1 day

Size: Groups of 5 to 12 people