Retail experience.

A retail revolution is underway.
Welcome to the new era!

Clients expect more from brands than ever before, whether they are shopping online or offline. Technological advances and the internet are also shifting the customer journey. Plus the needs and desires of customers in Asia differ from those in Europe. So how can retail brands stay ahead of the curve – especially in a new and different market?
This is where we come in.

Chairs Retail Experience
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Through our retail experiences, we help you examine your online and offline touchpoints, highlighting weak signals and pinpointing opportunities.

We also bring our extensive knowledge of European and Asian retail into play, helping you understand what’s innovative in Asia, as well as the future of retail in the region. As a result, you can successfully build or evolve your retail brand in an unfamiliar market.

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Our retail experiences include:

Retail Experiences

Designing and leading learning expeditions.


Leading retail

Mystery shopping and investigative analysis.

POS audits and compliance evaluation.

Webinars and retail trend forecasts.

Case study.

Case study.

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