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Team engagement comes first.

A love for people powers what we do at Bienvenue Factory. We understand that strong teams begin with strong individuals. And that’s where we begin: by developing people, understanding that this is the bedrock of successful brands. And when your people connect with your brand, magic happens.

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Chinese Client

Backed by 10 years of experience in designing and developing training programmes, we can help European brands in Asia with linking content design and business performance with operational modules and customised toolboxes. We can help your people acclimatise to your brand by defining best practices and clear processes. Plus we can deliver live creative workshops where your teams get to test new practices, thus engaging with your brand while designing unique customer experiences and refining the customer journey.

Our learning experiences include:

Leaning Experience

Developing engaging training content.

Building retail training assets.

Crafting Train The Trainer programmes.

Reinventing learning experiences.

Designing immersive team workshops.

TTI Success Insights® profiling so you can train with confidence.

Case study.

Case study.

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