Case study – Using learning expeditions to deliver everything you need to successfully expand in Asia’s retail markets

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A French financial institution, Bpifrance is a one-stop platform that supports French entrepreneurs build their businesses through banking, business support, accelerator programmes and other solutions. In this way, Bpifrance also supports the growth of the French economy, at home and internationally. Bpifrance help companies create a firm footing in new regions. Predominantly supporting micro-businesses and SMEs, this French agency offers a wide range of products, such as global learning expeditions, so entrepreneurs can discover new markets and meet with experts, potential buyers, and investors.

Challenge: High-level expertise in the Asian retail market

Bpifrance has an international presence, with managers in eight regional branches. While this gives them global scope, learning expeditions are more challenging because they require high-level expert resources.

Bpifrance’s Singapore office needed support from a company that:
– knows the intricacies of the retail market in APAC and the challenges retail companies face when they expand into Asian geographies; and
– could connect non-Asian entrepreneurs with regional experts, potential buyers and investors in Asia.

Solution: A tailor-made learning expedition across Asia

Looking for the right partner, Bpifrance discovered Bienvenue Factory, the Asia-based sister company to Retail Factory, which operates in Europe and the US. Familiar with the high standard of work Retail Factory delivers elsewhere in the world, Bpifrance knew they would get a premium experience with Bienvenue Factory in Asia. They knew they would get all the benefits that come with a multiservice agency with expertise in designing and managing bespoke learning expeditions through Asia’s retail industry – and they would get all this on a reasonable budget.

After discussions with Bpifrance, who were embarking on their first learning expedition in Asia, Chloé Cortinovis, Bienvenue Factory’s Managing Director, proposed a tailor-made programme that included speakers and coverage. Bpifrance decided to go ahead with the programme, which  included four days in Singapore to get market and consumer insights on the region, plus business opportunities in SEA; visits to concept stores and flagship stores;  as well as conferences, workshops, and business meetings.

Results and benefits: Know where to start when you want to expand into Asia

The outcome of this learning expedition? Bpifrance was able to give their clients invaluable insights into and connections with the retail market in APAC. When it comes to building businesses and expanding in Asia, this intel is critical to success.

“When our clients want to expand into new geographies, they usually don’t know where to start. Thanks to Bienvenue Factory’s programme, action plans become clear and obvious,” says xxx, who is Director of Export Development Department at Bpifrance.


After purchasing this APAC-focused programme, Bpifrance asked Bienvenue Factory to craft another customised learning expedition in the retail industry – one that would be delivered in China. Facing the Covid crisis, Bienvenue Factory was able to adapt this China programme, successfully operating it remotely.

Since 2021, Bienvenue Factory has been one of Bpifrance Assurance Export’s Authorized Partners. Our services are therefore eligible for Bpifrance’s Assurance Protection Accompagnement (Insurance Protection Support) programme, which supports French companies that want to expand into new geographies.

Bienvenue Factory’s knowledge and connections are unparalleled when it comes to gaining insights into and understanding of the APAC retail landscape, no matter whether you are looking at South Korea or ASEAN nations.

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