Case study – Learning Experiences in APAC: Get the retail toolbox you need to boost in-store retail team performance

Learning Experience Jewellery

Our client is a luxury watchmaker and jeweller that runs its own retail network of 100+ outlets worldwide. In 2021, we began collaborating with their Head of Client Experience SEAO, who wanted to enhance the skills of in-store retail teams in APAC, thus boosting performance.


Challenge: Overcome challenging in-store situations and close sales, plus manage customer loyalty

As an international watchmaker and jeweler, our client has a well-established presence worldwide, and a competent team running the organisation in APAC from Singapore. Despite this, however, they knew they needed to give their in-store teams additional support. Focus areas included welcoming clients, managing challenging situations, closing sales and building customer loyalty.

“I want to help our retail teams increase their skills with the support of a business toolbox, including, for example, elevated negotiation skills,” said our client’s Head of Client Experience APAC.

“Our network is growing quickly in the region. And yet, we realise that our teams have been trained on the floor, and their backgrounds and skills are diverse and varied. They need to transition from inconsistent practices built on what they perceive in the moment to consistent practices derived from a dedicated training programme and toolbox shared by all.”


Solution: A customised retail learning experience, so they can design and adopt a shared toolbox of skills

Our client’s Managing Director of Asia was aware of Bienvenue Factory’s retail brand and training services in Asia and suggested we catch up with their Head of Client Experience, so they could share their issues and goals.

Chloé Cortinovis, Bienvenue Factory’s Managing Director, proposed a customised training programme. The programme she outlined would be guided by a three-dimensional approach to the teams’ personalities, jobs to be done, and market environment.

The result was a 24-hour training course that were rolled out via a six-month programme that encompassed learning, assimilation, tests, and transfer into the field.


Results and benefits: Better understanding of themselves and their clients, leading to fearless negotiation skills

According to our client, “Our teams have improved their results after knowing more about their own personalities and how to decipher their customers’ personalities. This made them more proactive and fearless when negotiating with clients. Our teams also began to collaborate more effectively, getting better results as a team than when they considered only their own individual results.”

Furthermore, developing our client’s people gave them the skills they needed in order to fill higher-ranking positions in the organisation. In turn, this helped our client, who needed to fill these roles as part of their expansion in the region.



As well as enhancing the skills of their teams, our client sees this as the key to successfully executing their network’s expansion strategy. Not only will it create more business, it will also foster greater engagement and dedication among their people.

We successfully rolled out this pilot retail training programme in Singapore in 2021. As a result, our client tasked us with delivering it to their Australia teams in 2022, igniting their retail teams, supporting their expansion strategy and supporting engagement elsewhere in APAC.

Looking to build consistent, professional skills in your retail and luxury teams across APAC? Bienvenue Factory’s retail training programmes are just what you need.

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