Pola #6 - Lyf by Ascott, Singapore


A bit of (hi)story

 Lyf by Ascott such as ‘Live your freedom’ is a new co-living concept for a global community of thought leaders; a gathering of the best people and ideas shaping our generation.

A wide array of social spaces, each designed to allow people to live, work and play with like-minded individuals. 412 rooms across 279 apartments and many Instagrammable communal spaces.

The Lyf experience, designed by millennials for millennials, is, of course, tech-centred as well, requiring guests to check-in using a Lyf mobile app. The same app will then act as the guest’s room key.

3 reasons why we take our retail tours clients there

• The Community with a capital C: from open coworking zones to the social kitchen and co-living apartment, the concept creates unique points of interaction and connects travellers to live authentic local experiences, as well as exclusive perks and networking opportunities. 

• Lyf by Ascott is the result of a clever collaboration between Ascott and the Singapore Management University. Ascott has launched its first living lab to field test the concept with students and organized various social activities to identify those that best resonate with the millennials, bringing together local artisans, entrepreneurs and technopreneurs. SMU students can also sign up to be Lyf guards to gain hands-on hospitality management skills 

• Dreary chores are a thing of the past. Thanks to the ‘Wash and hang’ station, customers load their laundry, then read, chat or chill with a beer while their clothes get cleaned.

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