Pola #4 - Dyson Demo Store – Beauty Lab, Singapore


A bit of (hi)story

There have been a few Dyson-owned demo spaces around the world until now. The new 'Dyson Demo Store – Beauty Lab' at Funan Mall is Dyson’s first store to focus on personal care technologies and products. It only provides 2 products: the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer and the Dyson Airwap Styler. 

The Beauty Lab offers unique services with four styling stations. It is the first place in Southeast Asia to provide customization on all available products and cases. 

3 reasons why we take our retail tours clients there

• An immersive customer experience into Dyson’s brand universe, reinforced by the ‘Black Box’ and large digital screens. The store design embodies the Dyson’s codes: innovation, purity, and technology

• Design and visual merchandising focus on the dramatization of products and look like an exhibition in the neo-retail trend. Lighting sublimates products and offers a sensory experience

• Customers can book an appointment online to get a shampoo and test personal care technologies and products with professional styling advice from experts. The professional hairdresser blows your hair while describing the benefits of the product.

Test and buy: a very effective way to convert visitors to clients.

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