Pola #3 - Tamburins, Seoul


A bit of (hi)story

Launched in 2017 with only one product — the Nude H. And cream — Tamburins stands out with its experiential, conceptual approach to beauty with a minimalist, white-and-gold aesthetic. Tamburins is a unique feature of trying to communicate emotionally through content that reinterprets the beauty of the brand pursued in space, objects, painting, and performance, beyond the limited product line of cosmetics.

3 reasons why we take our retail tours clients there

· An emotional path, guided by the aesthetic value, from perfume to package design to space.

· An instagrammable store thanks to an edgy and picture-worthy display and the collaboration with 10 artists around the world! 

· A marketing strategy that recognizes cosmetics as a content rather than a simple product.

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