Pola #1 - Habitat by Honestbee, Singapore


A bit of (hi)story

From its beginnings in 2015 in Singapore as an online concierge and food delivery service, honestbee has expanded to a 60 000 square feet physical space in the form of a multi-sensory, omnichannel store format that serves both online and offline consumers, as well as a logistics and retail innovation lab. Designed to be exploratory with elements of nature amid cosy settings, the space provides customers the comfort they would find in their own home. 

Since the launch in October 2018, habitat by honestbee has become one of the world's top 16 must see grocery and dining store of 2019.

3 reasons why we take our retail tours clients there

· A 100 percent digital experience from  shop entrance to  bags pick up point

· An  omnichannel customer's journey experience

· A cashless grocery store concept

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